2018 Sponsor Package


We have seen incredible progress for #NotInMyCity.

Whether you sponsored, attended this year’s Deane House event, purchased merchandise, or amplified the message on social media (or all of the above!), together, we moved the needle, and shone a spotlight on the fact that Human Trafficking is one of the fastest growing crimes in Canada. The Calgary Tower and Reconciliation Bridge lit brightly “#NotInMyCity yellow” on June 20 was a beacon for the entire world to see. 

We have drawn a line in the sand and declared that the sexual exploitation and sex trafficking of children and youth is not OK.  And we have strengthened our resolve to continue to combat it.

The stand we have taken has sent ripple-effects across the nation.  With an estimated social media reach at our June 20 Deane House event of more than one million, #NotInMyCity continues to grow.

With your financial support, in less than a year we have seen a monumental shift among government systems, businesses, thought leaders, and the Calgary community.  What was previously a poorly understood topic and controversial issue is now being shared more clearly and discussed openly in our community.

Your willingness to blaze this trail has already made Calgary an even better, safer place to live.

I would like to thank our Advisory Board members Tom and Debra Mauro, Bonnie Johnston, Ro Imbrogno, Liz Brandt and Brian McConaghy for lending their wisdom, skill and leadership.

Pioneering and returning sponsors and/or supporters Calgary Police Service, City of Calgary, Mount Royal University, Brookline Public Relations, Boom Goes The Drum, Paul Hardy, Deane House, FM Systems, ProShow Audiovisual, Orange Frog, Designing on the Edge, MNP, The Flames Foundation, Diana ‘Doc’ Monea of Eye Health Centres, TELUS, Halliburton, Blue-Con Excavating, Cervus, Prairie Merchant & Brett Wilson, and Tom & Debra Mauro, thank you for your trust and support.

We welcome Worthington PR & Story, Kat Marks, West Canadian, CWL Energy Management, Communo, Dreamwood Homes, and OpenHwy, who were all new sponsors and/or supporters this year. 

A special thank you goes out to MP Arnold Viersen who took his minute on June 19 in the House of Commons to spotlight and congratulate all of us involved in #NotInMyCity for the work we’ve started together.  If you missed it, you can find it here.

We are excited to be consulting with The Calgary Stampede, and working together with the Calgary Police Service to develop awareness campaigns and training programs.

We also want to send a special thanks to The Calgary International Airport (YYC) who announced full support of #NotInMyCity in an ongoing initiative geared toward raising awareness and collective action to end human trafficking, with a particular focus on ending the sexual exploitation and sex trafficking of youth across Canada. YYC will be a key partner in this initiative as they create additional awareness and education among guests, volunteers and staff on how to identify possible human trafficking victims, as well as taking a visible stance to show that human trafficking is not acceptable at the airport, within Calgary, or anywhere in Canada.

Together, we have united stakeholders throughout Calgary and the country in the fight to protect some of its most vulnerable citizens.

Our work is not done.  Key meetings with government systems, community agencies, First Nations, key stakeholders and the community at large continue as we remain focused on our Phase 2 strategic directions.  For more information on these key areas of focus, and how we are putting your generous financial support to use, please click here.

We will continue to share updates on our progress.  The momentum continues to increase, and thanks to your support, great strides are being made in the fight against sexual exploitation and sex trafficking in Canada.  Our partnerships are deepening and becoming stronger. 

Thank you for your belief and investment in this movement, and your community.  We will keep moving toward the vision of being a “standard-bearer” for the entire nation on best practices in this noble fight. Thank you for being Allies and walking alongside victims and survivors of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation as we continue to say:

Not Here. Not Anywhere. 



Paul Brandt

Ally and Founder, #NotInMyCity