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Paul Hardy Designs New Scarf for #NotInMyCity

November 13, 2019

We are so proud to partner with so many fashionable shining stars who have helped to define our brand from day one. Paul Hardy is an iconic Canadian fashion designer, and we have Paul to thank for the initial design of our yellow rose emblem.

We are pleased to announce that Paul has created a third scarf for our #NotInMyCity merchandise line-up, which is now available for sale here!

The neutral palette of this year’s scarf works in any season, it can even be layered with one of the previously launched scarves for a unique look. According to Paul Hardy, 30% of clothing sold in Canada is black, so a neutral grey piece will pair well with almost any wardrobe.

The scarf features a few of #NIMC’s iconic yellow roses, which, according to Hardy, represent the victims who have not yet been rescued. When #NIMC started, he designed the yellow rose to represent our work and what we do.

The iconic #NotInMyCity rose started as a freehand sketch, and from there a graphic designer recreated it into a version that could be printed onto products and fabrics. According to Hardy, the rose has become a powerful conversation starter, whether it’s worn a jewelry, a pin or scarf.

As Paul so eloquently says, “Roses typically symbolize hope, new beginnings and promise.  But there’s an interesting opposing tension with these flowers, because they possess thorns, which commonly represent loss, pain and thoughtlessness.  We decided to use this bloom to show both sides of the issue – the flower and the thorn – to be brought forward in awareness, conversation and action. We often equate yellow roses with friendship, so the yellow rose also represents a community standing in solidarity
with the victims.” 

#NotInMyCity provides a protective shield for victims, and while purchasing a scarf or other item from our store helps support our movement, wearing it fashionably tells the world that you stand in solidarity for those who have lost their rights and their freedom.