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#NotInMyCity Launches Hillberg & Berk Necklace

June 20, 2019

Our #NotInMyCity movement continues to grow across the country. We’re thrilled to share with you, our Allies, that Edmonton International Airport has joined us as a partner in our efforts to end human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of our children and youth.

We are also pleased to officially launch a special collaboration with renowned Canadian jeweler Hillberg & Berk. Working alongside Hillberg & Berk’s CEO Rachel Mielke, we have designed the #NotInMyCity necklace, providing a touching tribute to our cause.

Allies who purchase the Hillberg & Berk #NotInMyCity necklace can show their support in a beautiful way and use the necklace as a conversation piece to talk about the issue of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Says Mielke, “We always want women to feel empowered and confident. When I first heard about #NotInMyCity, I visited their website and learned about the issue and how many lives were being affected. I immediately felt compelled to help. This necklace isn’t just something beautiful to wear, it’s my hope that the women who wear it will think about the victims of human trafficking, choose to stand with them in solidarity, and start a conversation with others about these terrible crimes.”

Mielke learned about #NotInMyCity through our Ally Dr. Diana Monea. A conversation led to curiosity, which led to action. We are so grateful to Dr. Monea for having the courage to share our story, and to Rachel and her team for choosing to stand with us and leveraging their talent to create a beautiful icon that fittingly represents our vision.

The gold necklace features a long, diamond faceted Italian gold chain, an opal ball, a gold charm featuring the iconic #NotInMyCity rose, crystals and Hillberg & Berk’s iconic sparkle ball.

Hillberg & Berk knows how to create beautiful pieces that make women feel confident and empowered. The successful Canadian company has designed jewelry for leaders and dignitaries, including two pieces for the Queen. Says Mielke, “Our pieces are worn by people who are dedicated to making change in our world, so this partnership felt like a perfect fit.”

Limited quantities of the Hillberg & Berk #NotInMyCity necklace is now available for purchase on our website.

Check out our Facebook video of Paul Brandt and Rachel Mielke unboxing the necklace in Edmonton earlier this week.