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Edmonton International Airport Officially Partners with #NotInMyCity

June 21, 2019

Earlier this week, as part of our ongoing #SeeingYellow campaign taking place throughout the month of June to raise awareness for our movement, #NotInMyCity held a special event to announce an official partnership with Edmonton International Airport (EIA).

We are thrilled that EIA has taken the huge step to be on the right side of history and take a public and proactive stand against human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of children. We now have the Calgary International Airport and Edmonton International Airport as important Allies for our cause, sending a very clear signal to traffickers that we say “Not here. Not anywhere. #NotInMyCity”.

The dedication event included a blessing from Elder Bert Bull, words of thanks from our founder Paul Brandt, the official partnership announcement from Edmonton International Airport, as well as an acknowledgement of support from the City of Edmonton, Edmonton Police Service and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Other partners and agencies in Edmonton, such as REACH, have been instrumental in developing partnerships with us as #NotInMyCity continues to build momentum across the country.

Said Brandt, “#NotInMyCity isn’t a plan to have a plan. It started as a campaign and a call to action, and today it’s much more than that. It’s a movement, and we are proud to have Allies across the country who are standing with us to end these horrific crimes.”

Travelers through Edmonton International Airport will now see the iconic yellow rose throughout the airport, including on their large in-terminal digital screens, space that was generously donated by Pattison. EIA will also be involved with training and educational programs for frontline staff to help spot signs of traffickers and victims, and what to do about it.

We are so grateful to the Calgary and Edmonton International Airports for their partnership and commitment to our cause. We look forward to taking our iconic yellow rose to airports from coast to coast to coast as we continue our work to end human trafficking and sexual exploitation of children and youth in our country.