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Poppy Barley Designs Custom Wristlet in Support of #NotInMyCity

October 7, 2020

With the launch of our custom #NotInMyCity wristlet in collaboration with Poppy Barley, we wanted to connect with their co-founders Justine and Kendall Barber, and highlight the values behind this Canadian luxury brand.

Tell us a little about Poppy Barley?

Poppy Barley is a Canadian luxury brand that’s rethinking every step of the footwear industry—from
design to factory relationships to retail experience. Partnering with family-owned factories, we ethically
craft polished, foundational footwear and beautiful, functional accessories—selling them at fair prices and
caring feverishly about people and our planet.

Sisters Justine and Kendall Barber launched Poppy Barley in 2012. Although they were newcomers to
shoemaking, Justine and Kendall were raised to be creative, ambitious, industrious and ask a lot of
questions. Being outsiders to the industry leads to creative thinking to change the future of footwear.

We’re thrilled to see the yellow rose on the wristlet. Can you describe this piece?

It’s a purse. It’s a clutch. It’s a wristlet. It’s the ultimate in multifunction fashion. It’s big enough to carry the
basics and small enough to stow away in a larger bag. This tiny wonder will have you wondering how you
ever survived without it. The added yellow rose shows allyship: we stand in solidarity with survivors.

Tell us about some of your other products – What makes Poppy Barley so unique?

We make really great shoes and bags. Skipping traditional wholesale markups, we saw an opportunity to
manufacture exceptional products at exceptional price points to people with big expectations of
themselves and the products they buy. A size inclusive brand, we offer Women’s footwear in sizes 5 to 12
and Men’s in sizes 5 to 15. We also provide an exclusive made-to-order service that delivers luxurious,
calf-fitted tall boots, as well as extended width footwear from narrow to wide.

Why did Poppy Barley want to become an Ally of #NotInMyCity?

#NotInMyCity is a brave initiative. Talking about human trafficking is hard. It’s a conversation we need to
have – and one that Poppy Barley wants to take on. We believe that more voices, louder together will
drive change.

What surprised you the most when you heard about this issue?

That human trafficking is one of the fastest growing crimes in Canada. This is appalling.

What does freedom mean to you?
Freedom is control over your life – it’s the opportunity to be morally responsible for our own actions.