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About Us

Our Beginning

#NotInMyCity is a facilitative organization launched in July, 2017 and championed by Paul Brandt that is raising awareness and taking collective action to prevent and end human trafficking and sexual exploitation. #NotInMyCity builds alliances to support, facilitate and advocate for the development and mobilization of a strategic, integrated plan to bring about transformational and sustainable change at the grassroots, practice, policy and legislative levels.

Paul Brandt at the 2018 Deane House Benefit

#NotInMyCity Yellow Rose Decal

The Yellow Rose

#NotInMyCity has become known for the iconic yellow rose created by renowned Canadian designer, Paul Hardy. The rose is a symbol of support, and a statement that you stand in solidarity with trafficking survivors as an Ally of #NotInMyCity.

“Roses typically symbolize hope, new beginnings and promise.  But there’s an interesting opposing tension with these flowers, because they possess thorns, which commonly represent loss, pain and thoughtlessness.  We decided to use this bloom to show both sides of the issue – the flower and the thorn – to be brought forward in awareness, conversation and action. We often equate yellow roses with friendship, so the yellow rose also represents a community standing in solidarity
with the victims.”  – Paul Hardy

Our Impact

Community Allies

Transportation Allies


Awareness & Action Allies

Funding Allies



Hamilton airport becomes anti-human trafficking transportation ally

Alberta doles out $3.5M to fight human trafficking


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Alberta set to launch office to combat human trafficking and support survivors

Alberta investing $4M to create office to combat human trafficking

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Kelowna airport partners with Paul Brand’s #NotInMyCity to fight sex trafficking


Truckers encouraged to keep watch for human trafficking

Alberta RCMP raises awareness of the dangers of human trafficking

#NotInMyCity launches online learning tool to fight sexual trafficking


Fighting human trafficking ‘personal responsibility’: country star Paul Brandt

Country music star Paul Brandt to chair Alberta human trafficking task force

Corbella: How good law can save young lives from sex trafficking

Partnership will increase supports for at-risk and marginalized urban Indigenous residents


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Brandt gives back as part of Stampede’s charity spirit

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Paul Brandt brings anti-human trafficking initiative to Edmonton

Edmonton International Airport Partners With Paul Brandt’s #NotInMyCity Campaign to Support a Future Without Human Trafficking

‘The right side of history’: Paul Brandt, Edmonton International Airport partner to combat human trafficking

Paul Brandt teams up with EIA to fight human trafficking


#NotInMyCity: Paul Brandt’s campaign to end sexual exploitation and sex trafficking

Calgary International Airport partners with Paul Brandt organization

Calgary airport #NotInMyCity campaign targets human trafficking

L’aéroport de Calgary s’engage dans la lutte contre l’exploitation sexuelle


‘As soon as we shine a light, it flees’: Paul Brandt raises his voice against human trafficking

#NotInMyCity campaign to fight human trafficking in Calgary

Sheldon Kennedy, Paul Brandt and friends band together to combat human trafficking

#NotinMyCity: Country singer Paul Brandt spearheads anti-sex trafficking campaign