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Allies Morgan Melnyk and Lyle Peterman host A Not So Silent Nite for #NotInMyCity

February 10, 2020

In December, 2019, two of our dedicated Allies, Morgan Melnyk and Lyle Peterman, put together a fundraising event to support #NotInMyCity. The first annual, A Not So Silent Nite charity event took place at Trolley 5 Restaurant & Brewery – here’s what Melnyk had to say about the night.

Can you tell us how you heard about #NotInMyCity?

Melnyk: I’m the National Marketing Manager for MNP, which has been involved with #NotInMyCity for a few years now. During the Calgary Stampede, we even have #NotInMyCity proudly displayed on our chuckwagon tarp. We have always been big fans of Paul Brandt both as a musician and as the founder of #NotInMyCity.

Tell us a little about the event you hosted?

Melnyk: The night itself was a hit, with 105 attendees and $8,598 raised from ticket sales, silent auction items and #NotInMyCity merchandise sales.

We are already planning the 2nd Annual A Not So Silent Nite on Dec.3, 2020. This year’s event was held at Trolley 5, which was our main partner for the event. My husband, Lyle Peterman, and I emceed along with our co-chair Mallory Welechenko, sharing key stats about human trafficking to help educate the audience between sets.  

Eight local Calgary artists hit the stage, including Megan Dawson, Aaron Polluck, LIZ, Mitch Belot and Justine Rowbotham, Greg Albright, Devin Cooper and Ben Chase. To top it off, the Calgary Tower was beautifully lit up in yellow that night.

What does it mean to you to support #NotInMyCity?

Melnyk: It’s such an important cause for us to support as Allies. It’s quite a heavy topic and there still so much work to do to end human trafficking and child exploitation. Even many though people know that human trafficking and child exploitation exists, we often don’t think about it happening in our own city.

What does freedom mean to you?

Melnyk: Freedom to me means that you’re able to be whoever you want to be and able to make decisions to live your life without prejudice. Freedom is a luxury that I hope is never take for granted. People fought and gave their lives to ensure that we have the freedoms we enjoy today. It’s the foundation of our life in Canada as we know it and we need to fight to keep it front of mind. We’re so lucky here in Canada and in Calgary to have the rights and freedoms that we have. 

How would you like to encourage others to become an Ally for #NotInMyCity?

Melnyk: It’s easy to stand up for the right thing. As an Ally, you can engage with the #NotInMyCity brand online, attend fundraising events, educate yourself about the issue and tell others about it. No gesture is too small. #NotInMyCity also has amazing, beautiful merchandise that people can purchase and wear or display to build awareness. Finally, I encourage people to be creative and think of new ways to help #NotInMyCity – every little bit helps!

Anything else you’d like to share?

Melnyk: The support was truly heart-warming – our hearts were very full at the end of the night and it was truly a great start to the holiday season. This event really wouldn’t have been possible without my co-chairs, Lyle Peterman and Mallory Welechenko and Trolley 5 as our main partner.

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