Dear Ally,

Thank you for your continued support of #NotInMyCity.
Since our launch in July 2017, we have gained significant
momentum in bringing key partners together to engage,
commit and spread awareness to end child sexual
exploitation and trafficking in Canada. #NotInMyCity started as a campaign, and today it’s a movement.

We’re calling on our Allies, partners, and supporters to infuse their airports, businesses, and organizations with the vibrant spirit of #NotInMyCity yellow all summer long.

Together, we dream of lighting up landmarks across
Canada in a wave of yellow—from coast-to-coast, bridges
to city halls—creating a vivid, nationwide show of support.
You, our partners, are the backbone of this vision, helping to illuminate our collective stand against human trafficking through the Seeing Yellow campaign.

Get Involved

Take our e-learning course

Help put an end to human trafficking by learning the crucial signs to watch for

Display our yellow rose decal

These decals symbolize the support to eradicating sexual exploitation. They make great gifts.

Turn your logo yellow

This visual commitment supports the #NotInMyCity movement and raises vital awareness.

Wear your #NotInMyCity pins

Encourage your team to show their support and raise awareness for #NotInMyCity.

Sell #NotInMyCity merchandise

100% of each sale supports our crucial efforts to combat human trafficking.

Support these events

Our Allies are hosting events where you can have a great time and show your commitment:

- Not So Silent Summer
- Burwood Stampede Breakfast

For more details and additional events, keep an eye on our website at Your participation makes a big difference!

Download Our Ally Package To Discover More Ways To Get Involved

Yee-haw for a Cause At The Burwood Stampede Music Festival In Support of #NotInMyCity!

During the 10-day Music Festival, $1.00 from every Burwood Distillery Pineapple Lemon Cooler sale will be donated to #NotInMyCity.

Watch the video below, scan the QR code or click the button below to learn more about the cause.

Join us at the Burwood Stampede Music Festival for a special Stampede Breakfast Event on July 8th, hosted in collaboration with #NotInMyCity, the founder Paul Brandt, and  Burwood Distillery. Enjoy a hearty Bullrider Breakfast, refreshing drinks, and a special appearance by Paul Brandt, all while supporting the fight against human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Your ticket contributes directly to #NotInMyCity, with 50% of sales and additional donations from Burwood Distillery products aiding this critical cause.