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Telling a Better Story with the Alberta Human Trafficking Data Portal Project

Funded by a 2021 grant called the Civil Society Fund from the Community and Social Services Ministry of Alberta, #NotInMyCity is pleased to report the Alberta Human Trafficking Data Portal project is rapidly advancing in its final stages. 

This project has put the needs of project stakeholders, including victims and survivors of Human Trafficking, at the center of our work” said Natalie Muyres Program Manager at #NotInMyCity. “This allows us to genuinely understand the current challenges and possibilities for improving data collection and reporting in the province.” 

The Alberta Human Trafficking Data Portal (AHTDP) project aims to create a more complete picture of the scale of Human Trafficking in Alberta by bringing data together in a secure and usable way. Sources of data include national and provincial public data, and data from law enforcement and community serving agencies.

We are currently working together to secure data sharing agreements and data from project stakeholders for prototype development and will review the prototype with survivors to ensure the story we tell respects their lived experience. The project includes a multi-year road map for further development of data management, data sharing, and data analytics that can contribute to the prevention of Human Trafficking, protection and support of victims, and prosecution of offenders.

“They’ve had the courage to catch the vision and exercise the collective will to think differently.

Natalie engaged with 31 experts representing 19 key organizations in Alberta over the last year. Were thankful to all of our stakeholders, law enforcement, social services organizations and grassroots community groups across Alberta. They’ve had the courage to catch the vision and exercise the collective will to think differently about how we collect and report data so we can have our fingers closer to the pulse of Human Trafficking activity in Alberta.” 

#NotInMyCity would also like to thank PolicyWise and Data for Good who have been providing data related leadership and solutions for this project.