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#NotInMyCity Launches Online Educational Platform and Announces Strategic Partnership with 211 Alberta to Help End Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation

January 27, 2021

The #NotInMyCity e-learning platform provides accessible, interactive training for all, and Alberta community responders have more tools to support those victimized by sexual exploitation and human trafficking

#NotInMyCity has announced the launch of a free, online education platform and strategic partnership with 211 Alberta. Read about this exciting new project with the press release below, and visit to take the course!


#NotInMyCity has launched a public e-learning platform, serving to provide awareness, tools and information about the reality of sexual exploitation and human trafficking across Canada.

The free platform allows thousands of Canadians to learn about the issue, identify risk factors and understand what they can do to help address this crime.

Founded by Paul Brandt in 2017, #NotInMyCity is raising awareness and taking collective action to prevent, disrupt and end sexual exploitation and trafficking, focusing on children and youth. In just three years, #NotInMyCity has quickly grown into a strong, collaborative entity, working with established agencies and groups to raise awareness and facilitate strategic alliances.

In addition to the e-learning platform launch, #NotInMyCity has engaged 211 Alberta as a strategic partner, providing the e-learning platform to community responders across Alberta to better support those impacted by sexual exploitation here in Canada.

211 Alberta connects Albertans to a wide range of community, government, social and health services, and is available 24/7. As of January 2021, all 211 Alberta Community Responders have completed the #NotInMyCity e-learning platform plus additional call-specific education, equipping responders with the skills to confidently respond to calls about human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Says Stephanie Wright, 211 Alberta Manager, “As a resource that connects Albertans with a range of services, we wanted to provide our responders with the best information and tools available. The development and launch of this e-learning platform is helping to take a dark issue and casting a spotlight on it.”  

“The #NotInMyCity program completely changed the way I think about human trafficking,” says Community Resource Specialist Sarah McKinnon, who completed the platform. “I had no idea the magnitude of the issue, particularly here in Canada. Learning about the tactics that perpetrators use to coerce and brainwash victims was heartbreaking. I am much better equipped to speak out about human trafficking, spread awareness, notice warning signs, offer help without harming anyone, and provide resources. Human trafficking is now an issue that has become so close to my heart and one that I am very passionate about because of the #NotInMyCity e-learning.”

Says Paul Brandt, Founder of #NotInMyCity, “From the outset, #NotInMyCity has been collaborating with key stakeholders to raise awareness and take collective action to prevent, disrupt and end sexual exploitation and trafficking. Launching the e-learning platform is a big leap towards building community awareness and action. Anyone, anywhere can access the platform to become aware of the realities of this issue. We look forward to collaborating with other groups, organizations and industries who are interested in incorporating this important tool with their teams.”

The online education platform takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and is available at

Key areas of focus of the online e-learning platform include:

  • Information about the incidence of sexual exploitation and human trafficking in Canada
  • Who is affected by sexual exploitation and human trafficking
  • What sexual exploitation and human trafficking looks like, including warning signs
  • What we can do about it

Human trafficking for sexual exploitation is one of the fastest growing crimes nationally and globally and is the second largest source of illegal income worldwide. In Canada, 26 per cent of trafficking victims are under the age of 18. While making up only 4 per cent of the country’s population, 50 per cent of Canada’s trafficking victims are Indigenous people.

The e-learning platform was created in collaboration with ICOM Productions, which serves to innovate, inspire and ignite change through learning made by learners. The platform content incorporates current research, statistics and best practices based on collaboration between #NotInMyCity and key partners including ACT Alberta, Arizona State University, Calgary Catholic School District, Calgary Police Service, the Canadian Mental Health Association, CEASE, Hull Services, McMan Calgary, REACH Edmonton and Trellis.

Support for the project was provided by The Calgary Foundation, the Canadian Women’s Foundation via Women and Gender Equality (WAGE) Canada and the Allard Foundation.